Approver Teams


Approver Teams debuted on Approvals for Confluence Server and we wanted to bring this exciting productivity tool to the Cloud version. A number of requests were made to add additional filters to the Search feature which are also included.

You can now create groups of users to use in approvals at the Space-level, using the Approvals tab in the Space Settings menu.

This feature allows the grouping of frequent approvers into a team. These teams can then be picked from both Section and Page Approvals, saving precious time and ensuring no-one is forgotten!

To create/manage approval teams:

  1. Head to Space settings > Content tools > Approvals.

  2. Under the Teams section, you'll be able to see the teams that you currently have.

To create a new team:

  1. Click "Make a Team" and a section will be shown, allowing you to configure the name, description and the members in the team.

  2. To add members, simply start typing the name of the user in the Team Members picker and click on their name when they're shown.

  3. Once you're happy with the changes you've made, click "Save". This team will now be selectable from any Section/Page Approvals in your Confluence system!





Jack Graves

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