Workflows for Confluence Launch


For a long time now Cloud users have been looking for an app that provides a more detailed and extensive way to provide Approvals and Workflows to a Confluence page.

Most companies have a business process they wish to apply to their documents, this keeps them up-do-date and to a high quality. As these business processes will differ per company, the Workflows app was created as a way for users with any use case to design their process and apply it to their Confluence pages.

The app comes with a Drag n' Drop Workflow Editor which makes it very easy to make a workflow. The editor includes the ability to use simple Statuses to more in depth Approvals, and finally automated actions which are applied to the pages as they step through the workflow.

Once the Workflow has been created it can be automatically applied to all new pages and get used across the entire instance!

For more information on how to use Workflows for Confluence, begin reading our documentation!





Jack Graves

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